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Why gamble on the best tires when you can access highly informative reviews from us? Everything you need to know about tires is right here. We help you understand the complex terminology and help you decide on the best option for your car.

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We have reviews for winter, summer and all-season tires. Our goal is to ensure you receive great value for your hard-earned money. We help you to bring out the best performance tires of your car. Each of these categories is available in standard and high-performance options. We are not affiliated with any brands or manufacturers. Neither do we sell any aftermarket tires. Rest assured that all our reviews are unbiased.

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Explore the Tire Sizing Options

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Tire specifications

Speed rating

It determines how fast you can drive on recommended road surfaces under the allowable loading limits. Passenger tires come in lower speed ratings compared to high-performance or racing tires.

Tire size

Replacing your tires with new ones of equivalent sizes is necessary. A different size could affect your driving experiences or lower fuel efficiency. For every purchase, confirm that the tire’s width, aspect ratio and diameters remain the same.

Treadwear information

How long are the tires expected to last? Does the treadwear rating by the manufacturer guarantee great performance over its long-term use? Treadwear ratings are based on experimental results. Of course, you should confirm if the new tires come with favorable treadwear warranties.


Every manufacturer must guarantee minimum safety standards on all their tires. As a buyer, you should be curious about additional safety features. For instance, do the tires have a tread monitoring tool? Do they have run-flat capabilities? How are the sidewalls reinforced for off-road and truck tires?